The Kingston brothers, also named in the Borajet sales, were caught

2 years ago alleged involvement in financing the role of Borajet sales Levi Lions Der financing (Levon Termendzhy), and American partners Jacob and Isaiah Kingston brother of American finances after deceiving 511 million dollars were caught plans to escape to Turkey recorded. Kingston brothers on his way to Los Angeles Airport on a private plane to Turkey to escape is recorded, he managed to escape the forest of Turkey he said.

Utah federal court in the US city of Salt Lake City last week of the suspects, according to the new documents filed by the prosecutor in the trial against a total of $ 950 million investment in Turkey, as well as forest belonging to 300 million, while the Jacops brother stated that 130 million euro bank account found It is. Jacob and Isaiah Kingston, who were arrested for fraud and money laundering last week, are accused of kidnapping US $ 511 million in taxes through Washakie Renewable Energy, which they own.


The American prosecutor also said that while Kingston's brothers were being held in custody, Kingston, a group of about 7,000 members across Utah, was a member of a sect that was in favor of marriage. Jacob about Kingston 85, The man of about 20 years in prison requested the charge, Jacob Kingston recently in Turkey had bought a huge country house, plus the value as in attempts to buy a hotel here was called more than $ 650 million exists. (Hürriyet / Razi Canikligil)

Borajet struggle is growing

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