The National Gazette will now only be published digitally

The National Gazette was issued by the Chief Directorate of the Minister-President of the development and publication of legislation. After the abolition of the first ministry, the general management and printing business were divided among other public institutions. Finally, the personnel from the printing office were sent to new messages from Friday.

The national newspaper will now only be published digitally.


The origin of the State Gazette, which is the publication of the state and the validity of many official procedures, was revised by Sultan II. It is based on the & # 39; Takvim-i Veka-i & # 39; newspaper, which was published weekly on November 11, 1831 under the direction of historian Esat Efendi in Mahmut II.

The Official Gazette of the Republic of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey convened in Ankara to carry out the Independence War 1920/07/10 were established. This date, which is still on the first page of the national newspaper, shows the date of the establishment of the Official Gazette. The fourth issue of the National Gazette was published four months after the establishment of the Assembly and Decree No.

The name of the newspaper was published as / Official Cerîde 76 in the 22nd edition of 10/9/1923, and in the 763th edition of 17/12/1927 T.C. Official Gazette Res.


Bulletin of Acts, once a week, from the first to the sixteenth number; Numbers 16, 17 and 18 are every two weeks; The numbers 19, 20 and 21 were published again on Monday, once a week. Between the 21st edition of the Official Gazette of 18/7/1921 and the 22nd issue of 10/9/1923, more than two years passed because of the wars. The laws adopted in this process have come into force without being published in the official journal.

Some copies that were published in 1923, -official image-were included. In this section, articles by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha and some other statesmen were published on developments in the world and articles by some European journalists and statesmen.

The national newspaper was published in the Latin alphabet from 1/12/1928.


The official newspaper was published daily on the Internet from 27/6/2000. All numbers of the Belgian Gazette, published since 7 February 1921, have been accessible via the internet since 2011.


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