The preparations are complete! Ten thousand wait for Erdogan

President Erdogan, who is coming to the historical cemetery of Seltjuk Square for the first time, receives extensive security measures in the area, while the people of the district will expect President Erdogan with Turkish flags in his hand.


President Erdogan, 1071 Malazgirt Victory 947-year anniversary due to finding the Twitter account.

On the anniversary of the Malazgirt victory, Sultan Alparslan, the great commander, and the martyrs of the martyrs, mercy and gratitude, Erdogan can not prevent anyone from reaching the vision of 2053 and 2071 and reaching the goal of 2023 in our country, instead of standing in the spirit of being able to win the Malazgirt victory. The assessment found.

The events in the city of Ahlat in Bitlis under the 947-year jubilee of the Malazgirt victory attracted a lot of interest from the citizens.

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