The structure of the tax and premium-related borrowers starts on the evening of 27 August

The time for restructuring for tax and premium debts ends tomorrow (27 August) at the end of the day.

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All kinds of taxes and premiums can be paid in installments.

Debt can be requested via the Revenue Administration website.

In order not to accumulate in the tax offices, it is important to use the possibility of internet application. He can apply tomorrow until the end of the day.

Citizens who benefit from the configuration do not pay interest, interest and tax penalties in the case of payment of the amount calculated on the basis of the debt and the rates of the Domestic Producer Price Index (PPI). If 50 percent of the non-taxable fines are paid, the remaining 50 percent will not be collected.

The debts of 100 lira or less before the valley 31 December 2013 will be settled without application.

Discount on payment

If the structured debt is paid before October 1, 2018, 90 percent of the calculated YI UFE amount will be deducted from the original 25 percent of the administrative fines.

Citizens who are unable to pay in cash in September can use the installment payment option. In this case, after paying the first installment, the second installment is paid in November, ie the taxpayers who have not paid the remaining debts are discounted. This time, 50 percent of the YI-UFE amount will be deducted and a 12.5 percent discount will be applied to the administrative fines. Accordingly, if the payments are made in advance or the first two installments are made within the payment term, the coefficient to be paid will not be increased.

Structured debts can be paid in installments of 6, 9, 12 or 18 in periods of two months, as well as with prepayment. In this case the coefficient will be applied in different rates according to the desired payment period. It is also possible that the structured debts are paid in cash or in installments with a credit card.

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