The student complex opened in Ankara in the comfort of the hotel

"We have built this place as a smart building." diyen Öz Group Chairman Mehmet Çelebi Öz said: "According to the regulation of national education we are known as the first licensee in Ankara".


"We are actually operating as a hotel group inspired by this hotel and have built this hotel into a hotel concept, and we want to give them the feeling that their children, who have more confidence in their family, are raised in a comfortable environment," Öz said. in a statement to CNN TÜRK correspondent Serhat Dal.

Öz Grup Chairman Mehmet Çelebi Öz said: "We intend to provide these services from fountains, saunas, steams, lobis, à la carte restaurants to provide free English education in the health services found in his explanation. .

Student residence opened in the comfort of the hotel in Ankara

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"Their goal is to give them a certain allowance for my children who study at universities rather than for those who do not do business," Öz said.

Student residence opened in the comfort of the hotel in Ankara


"Technologically, it benefits from all means, this building is a smart building." DIYen Öz said: "If you like the fingerprint system, families will have the opportunity to find out if their children are on their mobile phones."

There are rooms for 1-2-3 and 4 people in a dormitory with a capacity of 1500 people. The accommodation costs start at 800 lira.

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