The table is heavy every hour … The terrible death of the twin brothers

The accident took place at 3 o'clock on the way to Yeşilhisar-Yahyalı at the Çadırkaya Mahallesi junction. Burak Atasever & # 39; s 38 HB 348 plate car, Samet Açıkel & # 39; s (29) 51 AAF 630 plate car and Breath Serin & # 39; s 02 HZ 837 plate car collided for unknown reasons so far. Due to the impact of the car, the cars fell on the side of the road. While eight people were injured in the accident, the twin brothers Samet-Semiha Açıkel, who was trapped in the car, lost his life.

Health, gendarmerie and fire-fighting teams were sent to the scene on the accident report. While the gendarmerie on the road took safety measures, health officials also did their first intervention with injuries. A seriously injured person was taken to Kayseri by helicopter by ambulance. 7 injured, ambulances in the health teams and various hospitals in the city were removed and the treatment was taken. The twelve sisters who were stuck in the Niğde plate car returning to the shuttle were taken to the Yeşilhisar State Hospital to take the mortuary out of the fire brigade.

Transport on the Yeşilhisar-Yahyalı road, which was closed as a result of an accident, was checked for a while. The gendarmerie started an investigation into the accused who allegedly loved extreme speed.

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On the other hand, from the end of the work on Friday 17 August, the third day of the festival on Thursday 23 August at 16.30 hours, 121 accidents occurred throughout the country. A total of 92 people were killed and 443 injured in these incidents.


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