The Turkish-German friendship will bring new record

The workshop, which also included Germany's leading media organizations, both Turkish tour operators working in Germany and major tour operators in Germany took place.

TÜRSAB chairman Firuz Bağlıkaya stressed that the workshop is very productive for both parties. they decided to do it every 3 months.

German discipline

Firuz Bağlıka to, the main tourist and media groups from Germany & # 39; correct perception of Turkey to & # 39; say they were trying to make, and German, but also, he said Turks were very happy especially from the tourism made a big break this year. "Germany is our most important market, we always try to keep our relationships good, and in that sense we will act with a German discipline in tourism," he said.

There is an increase of 22 percent

& # 39; Gold & # 39; sector TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu tourism of Turkey when they see it, they are expressed in a great effort to develop the sector. Hisarcıklıoğlu said: "Unfortunately, in the past few years Germany's share of the number of foreign tourists visiting my country has dropped from 16 percent to 10 percent, which is nice when there's an increase of 22 percent over the previous year from the first half of this year "he was used.

Antalya record

9 million 62,000 84 foreign tourists came to the tourist capital of Antalya this year. According to the statistics of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, passengers arriving at the airports of Antalya and Gazipaşa exceeded the figures for 2014, the record year in tourism, in the city where about 70,000 foreign tourists come every day.

Only by air, from January 1 to August 31, Antalya Airport 8 million 825 thousand 129, Gazipaşa Airport 236 thousand 955 foreign tourists came.

8 million 637 thousand 962 in the same period of 2014 in Antalya, 4 million 335 thousand 433 in 2016 and last year, 7 million 89 thousand 538 foreign tourists came.

Duygu Erdoğan

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