The underlying reasons behind the export of Bahçeli! Local & # 39; partial & # 39; alliance

Garden, thinks that the threats of Turkey to the survival of passing problem. Terror, who added that international pressure and, finally, conspiracy to drag the Bahceli economic crisis, believes that Turkey should not lose positions. The resistance of the parliamentary system, the transition to the presidential government system and the fact that the internal and external foci that control the system are not empty, will probably be used as a new demolition opportunity on 31 March 2019.

In this respect, account is taken of the synergy and multiplier effect of the AKP and the Presidential Alliance & # 39; of the MHP will also result in local elections to root the presidential government system. He also calculates that "there may be a blow in local elections".

According to MHP; Turkey had to have a choice system. The central government and local authorities, which have been formed according to the presidential system of government, must be harmonized. He believes that the emergence of potential conflict areas in the audit and management process will undermine the roots of the presidential government system.

Blinking sign

Local authorities in the fight for terrorism were clearly seen in the war of trenches & # 39 ;. Political parties who consider that municipal vehicles such as bulldozers and scoops are used in terrorist activities and that the transfer of monetary resources to terrorist organizations should be avoided are considered to be in the orbit of the MHP, PKK / PYD and FETÖ. especially the metropolitan municipalities should not win. It is crucial that 102 municipalities transferred to Kayyuma are kept in compliance with the presidential government system. Under the MHP administration it is assumed that CHP and HDP have the possibility to create a "local block" by taking the GOOD Party in certain places. In the case of such a block, the AK party and the MHP are in the general election of the deputies, as well as they receive the result, the presidential alliance can carry out local elections.

The last exit of Bahceli shows that the door between the AKP and the MHP is open to a local electoral alliance. The first findings were made in collaboration with the AK party and the MHP in 102 municipalities in 27 metropolises, including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. It is wrong to expect an alliance that is held everywhere. The views of Bahceli on the protection of the municipal municipalities and the desire to win new municipalities support the view that the possible alliance will be "partial".

Contact forecast

The move indicates that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Bahçeli will hold an interview on local elections in the coming period. The presidential council meeting that will be held today by the MHP and the agenda of the central government meeting on September 6th & # 39; local elections & # 39; to be. The slogan is ready: "Beka, unity, togetherness national municipality."

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