the United States from Turkey Description: "Brunson data Crisis Bitsin"

United States President & # 39; s National Security Advisor John Bolton, Donald Trump, "Turkey's Brunson ends unconditional release as an acute crisis," he said.

US President & # 39; s National Security Adviser, Donald Trump, John Bolton, during a visit to Israel in an interview with the Reuters news agency experienced with Turkey about Brunson talked about the political crisis.

"The Turkish government Pastor Brunson made a big mistake in my release," said Bolton, "Every day we are going to see this mistake. (Turkey) NATO ally of the West as the right one has done as part and Pastor Brunson unconditional release when the crisis immediately ends "expressions.

The answer questions regarding the depreciation of the lira in Turkey Bolton, the economy of Turkey for money from Qatar said it would stimulate the recovery. Turkey's status as a temporary removal from NATO at the moment expressed Bolton said: "Brunson and other Americans have focused on solving the problem," he said. – WASHINGTON

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