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According to the information obtained, Sergeant Ufuk Kaşıkçı (24), an expert in Şebinkarahisar, was injured in a shot with a gun about 100 meters away from his house. Kaşıkçı, who was raised to the Giresun State Hospital as a seriously injured person, could not be saved despite all interventions.

It was learned that the spoon left the house to go to the family member and was registered with the people of Isparta.


A statement was made about the death of Special Sergeant Ufuk Kaşıkçı, who sat on the gendarmerie command of the Şebinkarahisar district in Giresun.

The information received from the District Gendarmerie Command: "The event took place in the home of the illegal Bulbul district, where Sergeant Ufuk Kaşıkçı lived alone.When the voice of the gun was heard, the citizens who came to the scene found the wounded Specialist Sergeant Ufuk Kaşıkçı After the first intervention in the state hospital Şebinkarahisar, where 112 emergency services were informed, Dr. Ilhan Ozdemir lost his life despite all the interventions that the education and research hospital had done. from sergeant Kaşıkçı his funeral was sent to the Trabzon Forensic Medicine Institution.

When investigating the incident, it was noted that Kaşıkçı was registered with the population of the bachelor and Isparta province.

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