There is no place to park a car in Bayburt!

Bayburtlu citizens who migrated to other cities, namely Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, made their land for holidays. Because of the summer moon and holiday vacation the expats flocked to the city. Turkey's thinly populated Provinces of Bayburt began to experience the most busy days in its history. Despite the end of the holiday, the intensity in the city is still active. According to the February 2017 Turkey Institute of Statistics data, 80 thousand 417 people live in the city, domestic and international visitors who come up to 3 times the population with specified. On the streets and streets of the city, while there was a parking problem for the vehicles, the citizens began to make an effort to walk on the sidewalk.


It has been observed that traffic flow is difficult by parking vehicles in many streets and streets, especially the Cumhuriyet street in the city. Due to the high density in the city, which is one of the quietest cities in terms of traffic density, the occupancy rate in closed and open car parks has reached 100%. Traffic police and municipal teams have also spent a lot of work on organizing traffic. In the city where foreign emigrants came with luxury cars, citizens had wanted family members and bought them from local products. The mobility and intensity in the city was also satisfied with traders.


The owners of restaurants such as bakeries and confectioners, who were most satisfied with the intensity of their lives, rated & # 39; Bayburt Bayburt did not see such public & # 39; and pointed out that the city was a spectacular revival.

Mr. Bayram Yilmaz, who tells us that his work is very beautiful, said: "The crowd of this year has been very satisfied with us for a long time." Yusuf Okumuş, one of the city's residents, also said that he was Bayburt for the first time. so busy and that this intensity had to be extended to 12 months Mümin Aktürk, an emigrant from Germany, said: "We came from Germany, our grandfather, the land of our father, this culture lives, we love our country very much this year, our vehicles are in trouble in the park, but are still worth a visit.

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