This is done! There is no passage for the encouragement game

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Affairs has closely monitored applications for employment incentives. SGK, provincial directorates and Alo 170, a number of enterprises with new incentives to reduce the cost of staff to stop the old people came to complaints and complaints.

Because of the additional incentives for employment, some employers have taken into account the allegations that they have removed the current employees from their jobs and replaced them with stimulating employees.

The sanctions against the company that improperly exercises to take advantage of incentives will be aggravated.

Entities that do not make payments such as wages and premiums through banks and equip existing employees to benefit from new incentives are entitled to incentives and tenders.


This year almost 400 applicants came up with a large number of incentive bonuses, including salary, insurance premiums and taxes. Turkey's biggest interest in the profession at the employment office "thirteen in a me" was seen as the promotion.


The institution tells the applications for encouragement in the second phase of the mobilization of employment by going door-to-door. Pilot-applied "one-of-a-kind" encouragement is of great importance. With this stimulus, direct wage support is given for the first time. The employers of employers in the processing industry who have 1-3 employees and have the mastery certificate, are paid for 1 month by the employer for 1 year and 1 month by the state for wages, premiums and taxes (2 thousand 486 pounds) for the youngsters. between 18-25 years.

During the employer's 1-year work period, the employer pays wages, premiums and taxes for 6 months. The insurance to start working must be carried out in addition to the average number of employees in 2017.


The ministry, which started working on the impact analysis of work incentives, does not give way to irregular applications. The SSI reduces administrative penalties for companies that employ unemployed workers with a minimum wage of 2 for every fearless employee. Employers who have been determined to have worked for one year without insurance will be charged the premiums to the insured person within one year. Companies that unfairly dismiss existing employees are also punished.


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