Thrust his throat for 2 days

The incident took place on Sunday at 8 pm in the district of Çukurova. On the street 77123 occurred. According to the information received, his girlfriend Ali Rıza Duğan, after a while to go to the market, went to the hennaplaats. Duğan claimed that in addition to her friend and friends who were in the car and stood in the middle of 3 people, young people threw words. 3 people on the return of the young unidentified, young people from the car came down and attacked. Duğan who was injured by a knife in his throat, Adana City Hospital, was treated.


After being operated at the hospital, Dugan was treated in the intensive care unit and was able to sustain life for only 2 days. The funeral of the young man who lost his life, an autopsy of the Forensic Medicine Institute of Adana, was removed from the mortuary.

Suspects flee the car, immediately after the incident Pınar near 74071 street parked by police teams found. The police arrested a person who was allegedly involved in murder. The work continues to capture the other two suspects.

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