To explain the attack on the American embassy of the government

The event took place at 5 pm. According to the information received, a white car, currently on Ataturk Boulevard and whose registration number can not be determined, has been fired into the American embassy building.


A 4-5 shot shot sounded on the attack for Gate 6. One of the bullets hit the cama in the attack on the security officers club. There was no loss of life or physical injury.

& # 39; & # 39; THE FAST SUPPORT FROM TURKISH POLICE FOR & # 39; & # 39;

Spokesman for the American embassy David Gainer made a statement about the attack. In the explanation he said:

& # 39; & # 39; This morning we had a & # 39; security incident & # 39; for our embassy in the early hours. We have no injuries and we examine the details. We thank the Turkish police for their prompt support.


It was determined that the vehicle had escaped on the Boulevard in the direction of Cinnah Caddesi. A large number of police officers were soon sent to the scene. The teams that started searching in the area kept the empty nettle safe. The teams in the city were alarmed to be caught by the escaped vehicle.


In the written statement about the news of the armed attack on the Embassy of the United States of America in the governorship of Ankara;

"On the date of 20.08.2018 at 5.30 am 6 people were fired from the white-colored vehicle on Atatürk Boulevard by the person or persons whose identity could not be determined, to the order of the American embassy.

As a result of the first investigations, it was understood that 3 pieces of stone had touched the iron gate and glass parts and that no life was lost.

Studies on this are under way and more information will be given about the developments.

It is publicly respected. "


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