Tractor Done on the Piknik road: 25 wounded


The trailer of the trailer, which villagers took to the pavilion for a party in Kırıkkale, was destroyed and 25 people were injured in the accident. A pregnant woman among the wounded was taken from Ankara to the hospital with an ambulance from an helicopter.
Accident, the village Kırıkkale & # 39; nın Büyüksarıkaya connected to the province of Canavaryurdu has reached maturity. According to the information obtained, 71 EA 235 pallet trucks on the board of Ejder Ateş were downhill while the trailer walked down the driveway to the forest. Accident pilot Dragon While the fire escaped without injury, 25 people were injured in the trailer. A woman who turned out to be pregnant among the wounded was taken to the hospital after the first intervention by health officials with an ambulance helicopter from Ankara to the accident. The other 24 wounded were removed from the various hospitals in the city with ambulances arriving on the spot.
The overthrown trailer of the fire brigade of Kırıkkale Municipality and AFAD teams was removed with the help of the villagers.
An investigation into the accident has started.

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