Tractor trailer was reversed in Kırıkkale: 25 wounded

The trailer behind the Ejder Ateş tractor in Kirikkale was transferred to the village of Koryayla in the village of Sarıkayalar, Bahşili province.

Eight people were injured in the accident, with Safran, Ahmet, Ayşegül, Veysel, Yusuf, Ahmet, Veysel, Elanur, Sefanur, Gülderen, Muhammet, Serpil and Ayse Ates, Nejla Dobarkaya, Cengiz Ulger and Mahsun Dobarkaya.

Two wounded wounded were removed from the helicopter ambulance to Ankara, while the other wounded from the various hospitals in the city were removed.

It was learned that the wounded went to the picnic during the accident because of the holiday.

Source: AA

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