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RTÜK, TRT publishes the best of Fethullah Gulen & # 39; terror & # 39; punishment kezi. The sentence for TRT associated with the presidency was sent to Saray.

Publication of Fethullah Gülen's text on the TRT religious channel left the public broadcaster associated with the presidency with terrorist punishment.

Fethullah Gulen scandal was experienced on the religious channel of TRT shortly after the anniversary of the coup attempt of July 15th. In the broadcast of the channel on June 22, 2018, the Sufi Musical program, which was released at 11:15 pm, had found a hymn called "Bulanlar Hakk". While the believer was playing, information about who the music and song lyrics were on the screen. It was seen that the music of Allah belongs to Ahmet Hatipoğlu and that the music belongs to Fethullah Gülen. The chosen member of RTÜK of the CHP-quota Ilhan Taşcı revealed the scandal, the Diyanet 1-staff had finished its task.

According to news from Sinan Tartanoglu from the Republic, the RTÜK, who watched the broadcast of the complaint from CHP Giresun deputy Necati Tigli, requested the defense of TRT. TRT Diyanet channel broadcast in accordance with the protocol signed between the TRT and the Presidium for Religious Affairs, and the said program was prepared by Diyanet. The article stated that the publication was a publication made "by the Presidency for religious affairs in accordance with the terms of the protocol and supervised by them" and the responsibility was uploaded to the Presidency for religious affairs. The research report of the RTÜK states that this publication serves the purpose of terrorism and is a qualitative situation.


In line with the expert report, the TRT voted in favor of the Supreme Court on the grounds that the RTÜK Act is in violation of the principle of not offering terrorists, factions and victims the best way to deliver results serving terrorist purposes. ". If the sanction decision is taken for a private broadcaster, not for TRT, it may be that the broadcasting license is canceled.

TRT, which is associated with the presidency of communication set up within the presidency, will send this punishment to the palace instead of to the vice premier

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