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Donald Trump in a statement after the message of the president's crisis between Turkey and the United States also came from national security adviser John Bolton. Bolton "Turkey crisis priest (Andrew) Brunson ends once the left front unconditional release" gave the message

John Bolton made this statement to the Reuters news agency during his visit to Israel. Turkish President Trump Brunson & # 39; s Bolton also repeated his big mistake by giving his message. John Bolton: "The Turkish government made a big mistake by not letting Brunson go, this mistake goes on every day as a NATO ally and part of the West, the crisis ends when they do the right thing and Brunson without any preconditions release, "he said.

John Bolton was asked to the United States in the interrogation of Turkey's accession to NATO. Bolton asks: "This is not your position, we focus on Priest Brunson and other Americans who are illegally in the possession of the Turkish government and we expect this problem to be resolved".

Bolton: "Help to Qatar is inadequate"

Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Sani, the visit to Ankara, the Turkish economy in a difficult period that Turkey had announced the $ 15 billion direct foreign investment would do. With the effect of this announcement, there was some recovery in the Turkish lira, which fell by 37 percent during the year. National security adviser John Bolton, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with Gulf countries such as Qatar living crisis were also asked Turkey for investment support. Bolton, "he promised aid to Qatar impact on Turkey's economy not being effective enough, I do not think it would be very useful, but we'll see what happens."

Current situation in Turkish Lira

After the hard statements of Bolton, the Turkish Lira retained its value against the dollar. Speaking to the news agency Reuters Sweden based market strategist at emerging organization SEB Finance Per Hammarlund, crisis resolved, between Turkey and the United States stressed that the pressure on the Turkish lira would increase. Hammarlund: "They will finally release Brunson, but it will take time." Turkish banks or in general, as long as the dollar's current risk in Turkey, will pound under pressure "made the assessment. Hammarlund said: "I am again surprised that the Lirada will see volatility and a strong weakening afterwards."

Brunson & # 39; s lawyer can go to the constitutional court

The attorney of Reverend André Craig Brunson was dismissed during the week that we requested an appeal to a higher court for the release of his client. This time Brunson & # 39; s lawyer says that they can turn to the Constitutional Court for the release of his client.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States two days ago in an extensive interview with the Reuters news agency, Brunson has discussed the crisis with Turkey, "Turkey has done that very sad, they make a terrible mistake, we will not compromise." In Ankara there was no explanation for Trump's words.

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