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The Internet, the largest network in the world today, can affect life negatively through the victimhood it creates, and millions of users can quickly get the information they need and create social communication. Internet technology spread in Turkey, aware that still level cases lead to the exploitation of children's development multiplying sexually or socially, does not escape the attention that there are too many other choice than resorting to the judiciary to these complaints remedy.

Notable increase in cyber victims

It is also noted that people who suffer from cigarette abuse, especially children, do not share this with their family, friends or teachers, in the same way that they are aware that they do not judge it because they are worried about their future life. or recognition. Globally, roughly parallel to the increasing cyber victimization through the use of the Internet, most US origin search engines or content provider sites, in countries where the central office requests "discomfort-takedown" for a faster response, while in this case it works heavy in Turkey.

intense grievances, despite that there is no work in the removal point and the people are lawyers who discover that they have this problem Kadir Independence and Eda Salman Bayraktar Turkey, previously focused on commercial organization or autonomous institutions, determination of copyright, or that inappropriately was set up in order to ignore the sites of suspected content from the news to ignore that it has decided to improve its "e-protection" site. Young entrepreneurs have launched a free social responsibility project in the field of e-protection to receive all requests from victims.

"We have noticed people who have had very serious problems"

Lawyer Kadir Kurtuluş, the founder of "e-koruma.net", where AA correspondent received the opinion, stated that all kinds of information and documents distributed on the internet can be shared and that social media have gone very seriously and said : "We have seen that people are bothered by various news items or photos in their rights.After we set up the company, we provided services such as online reputation management, but we have seen that the children signed up to say" I have a photo video. I feel uncomfortable. "And we have indeed noticed people with serious problems, we have," he said.

Many children say that they have no situation where they can take the content removal service and because they can not tell their family, Kurtuluş said the families did not seek support for such a service. "We have launched a campaign called" e-protection for children "If we receive the request to remove the children's or family's content as part of this project, we will remove them free of charge," she said.

"We have removed the content of hundreds of publications so far"

With in mind the very interesting things during the project and hundreds of applications to date, Kurtuluş continued:

"If we would give an example of the content of hundreds of publications in silence, we would have seen a video of a girl's daughter who was taken at the age of 17, was sexually abused by the shooter in inappropriate places, there is nothing to do, helpless and later threatened., to take advantage of the children, & # 39; I have videos, I go to the family and complain, I have complaints, social media accounts are also like & # 39; these threats are natural, victimization continues to grow, it remains a blackmail, in fact, to continue sexual abuse, most of this tension or in a way that people with this threat continue to abuse it, rather children are being abused to see that this daughter of our traditional family, what you mean in family structure in Turkey, this figure is coming in. snow with a second page news One thing we can think of is the one we can think of. way contact us, we do everything to remove them. If we can reach them, it is not possible to reach them, we warn them. We are in the process of removing social media or other sites. We do not follow the interest. Because we do not have such a position, we are not a law enforcement agency. In order to follow that, it is indeed necessary that those who are competent to follow the parents or the legal process authorize us. "

"Our goal is to make our children aware of our voice"

Kurtuluş said they were talking about the work they do by talking to many teachers in primary and secondary education to get the victims of child victims. "Kurtuluş said to me:" This is a very important issue, we live so much, we see so much, children can not open us. "The child of the family of the opening, the image of where we already afraid of being known, those who share our campaign, for this reason they brought a serious voice, our goal here is to announce to our children, not ours, he said.

Kurtuluş stressed that they have not only worked with children, but also with their families and that they have set up a mouthpiece for their families: "We want to inform the families about the various behaviors such as closure or stress. banning accounts for children, the Internet and social media, it is important to know, to know and to follow what is done in secret, otherwise the banned fruit will be sweeter, so it is not forbidden to do this work, this is just to follow and the goal is to protect the children and prevent their victimhood, and we will continue to do what we have been doing for two years. "He spoke in the form of.

"The abuse of children of compulsory school age is in the aspect of gravity"

Kurtuluş said that they believed that informative seminars should be held in the related schools and they knew that the education of the children would be effective: "If it is important to reach us, if other institutions do such a campaign, more people will reach more channels because we do not pay much attention to this, It's not a problem that can happen to us. "He said.

Attorney Kadir rescue of abuse with children in Turkey there is always but the technological improvements, it usually happened that attention during the shooting in recent years, "these events we have started seeing the severity of gravity thanks to social media. By sharing people, awareness has grown. " he said.

"More than a hundred messages on the first day"

Kurtuluş, who drew attention to the density of the applicants, said that despite the fact that they had not set up the site, they encountered a very serious question and turned it into a project for social responsibility. On the first day they sent more than one hundred messages and made various analyzes according to these messages.

When he declared that they gave priority to the children, Salvation said: "A child is a child to me, but we have to make parents and teachers aware of the big picture." she said.

"They remove the crime content because they do not want to fight the law"

With reference to how they removed images or content, Kurtuluş noted:

"When a link comes to us, it's illegal content, but these social media circles already have their own policies to remove such content, they want to remove such content, but it's not certain that e-protection by & # 39; largest organization for social media you will not be able to publish the photo's of the children according to the rules of this society, but they are not only in the social media such as placing the porn on the site etc. If there is something out of your own mind, there is a place where the data of that board is sheltered, we call it & # 39; hosting & # 39; If this channel does not cancel it, you say they are the place where they If you do not delete it, we will take legal action that will prohibit you from your hosting services & # 39; So the site provider, the search engine, the so media must all behave according to their rules, because the rules of the community are already something that we know very well for the work that e-protection has already done, so we have to deal with each separately. Children alone can not do these things.

Let's say we have removed an item from the place provider, for example from YouTube. But the image on the screen will stop there. You also need to delete it in Google search results. That content provider can republish it. But when you are led by a legal mechanism that offers deterrence, they are efficient and they see this risk. They do not want to deal with the law and they cancel it. It's a crime. There is blackmail, privacy in private life, threat when there is room, sexual abuse. These are very serious crimes, and of course they do not want to deal with them. "

There are EU countries, no to Turkey "right to be forgotten"

Emphasizing that they work in a serious association and that if employment is inadequate, they can create new jobs because they are willing to fulfill this task and that they have found the spiritual pleasure of saving people.Kurtuluş explained that victimization is not only if sexual content had to be considered and that they received many requests for different victimizations.

Kurtuluş, who said that he wanted to regret today because he wanted to start a university because of an old tweet written by a child in high school or a photo he shared, said: "The arrow will start, but the news follows it and it has a negative impact on his life, and journalists are not allowed to share photos of young children in the news, and we can see that children's photo's without the intervention of the child or his family in the news, which is a mistake, he said.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (EU) has taken a decision "Gonzales decision" and explains that it is "the right to be forgotten". That is, people can remove the rights to the news in the context of "the right to be forgotten." But when Google applies it to EU countries does not apply to Turkey. our In addition to our Yargıtay & # 39; ı not applicable, but the jurisprudence about it. But this is the restriction of freedom. Adnan Oktar when we live in an investigation, for example. a former member of regret, with victimization as a result of the past video & # 39; s and you can not delete it anymore. or one there was a lie on the doctor's inconsistent site about the doctor, and he wanted to remove it. There are so many different requirements that people can make screenshots, videos & blackmails with these videos. "He spoke in the form of.

"Google and YouTube in Turkey must accept the right to be forgotten"

Liberation, "right to forget a very important thing, the people in this media in Turkey" right to be forgotten "under the specific needs to accept their applications." he said.

EU because it is a decision by the Court of Justice in Turkey yet that there is no case law regarding it and intonation not even the efforts of the possession centers in the country said the company's Liberation, "in connection with these companies need to make the notification abroad when you want action to be taken.Here a search engine (Google) has a company, but it says: & # 39; This is our marketing company & # 39; and you must go abroad on be informed Where is the universal declaration of human rights, freedom to seek rights? & # 39; He said.

"Even parents share the photo" s of their children "

Lawyers social responsibility e-protection along with the liberation that leads to that project lawyer Eda Salman Bayraktar, the Internet, as in the world and in Turkey said that he lived intertwined with our lives that are much more specific, and today everyone's social media, "Telephones in our hands, in the same way especially children, they say & # 39; Z-generation & # 39 ;, sociality, fun and games live on the Internet, of course these are separate issues that we must discuss and we have decided to to start such a corporate social responsibility project because of the redundancy and sensitivity of the requirements, and we wanted to get away with a number of grievances that children go through because of the internet, "he said.

Bayraktar said that during the Internet use of children, any form of cyber bullying can be experienced and, first, that families should be aware. "Bayraktar said that parents share innocent photos of their children or their homes in social media and that such sharing can cause many victims and control their children under a certain age they also decided they were not enough and decided that this was the right way to reach the children.

Keeping in mind that children are aware of the psychology they have entered in the case of victimization and that children who are depressed are not successful at school or in social life, Bayraktar said:

"The whole life of the children is shocking and the future is influenced in such a way that not only obscenity but also a share that he deems correct at the time, perhaps does not come after him … We do not want to allow the decisions of the children with their ages are shared to influence their future, We can not ask them to remove the bride's content before they can ask for it, and as a consequence we have to report ourselves that we must be aware of both the children and us We need to know what we need to do We have many seminars to raise awareness of children, not many active activities that we can carry out with the relevant ministries, we believe it is also necessary to do. "

"The use of children's photos in news is also a kind of abuse"

Bayraktar explains that they think social sensitivities should occur and that they live with the media organizations who do not hesitate to use this photo as a problem. "What kids experience with using their photos in news such as divorce or child custody is our form of abuse, and after they reached the age of 18, they even started lawsuits against their families." they heard and watched and this kind of thing will happen, "he said.

Bayraktar, attention to the importance of children in this kind of news at least, not to lose zero attention.


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