Two cars collided in Afyonkarahisar: 3 killed, 6 wounded

In the city of İscehisar in Afyonkarahisar the collision of two cars killed 3 people and 6 people were injured.

Mevlüt Taşkıran & # 39; s 32 HP 723 plate wagon, the driver at the city entrance of Seydiler has not yet determined 06 ADH 462 plate car collided.

In the accident, 32 people with HP 723 plate killed 3 people in the car, 6 people were injured in the vehicle.

06 It was learned that five people in plate vehicles with ADH 462 had returned to Isparta of the 6th Ordinary Grand Congress of the AK Party held in Ankara.

Afyonkarahisar Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz was found at the site of the accident.


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