University preference results are on social media agenda … When will the YKS preferred results be announced?

The exam for higher education institutions (YKS) is over and candidates are enthusiastic. University candidates who make their preferences on the internet via the internet can view the YKS preference results again via the online system. There is only one question that candidates are curious about at the moment: when will the YKS preferred results be announced?

The most clear explanation for this year is the former president of ÖSYM who has been appointed as Deputy Minister of National Education. Dr. He came from Mahmut Özer. Özer, who announced in July, stated that the results of his preferences with YKS points will be announced on Friday 31 August. Candidates can view their placement at one of the universities and departments with YKS scores at


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Candidates for the YKS preferences were written off, while candidates for the university campaigned via the social media account. I would like to open the hashtag and release the results as soon as possible. Some comments from candidates trying to reach OSYM officers via social media are as follows:

@jjell Tallinn
Am I really afraid of getting annoyed from the start but have you actually gone mad? # Tercihimiaçıkl to

@gulbdr is
We do not have a home, we do not know, even if we are not willing to go. Perverse, explain now #

Now explain it to me. I had my residence at Dicle University, where I did not write my list of preferences in dreams, and Ferhat Göçer sat in sociology classes.

I now have no option for 2 weeks or I experience the tension of the participant who goes to the box @OSYMbaskanligi and does not end it

As time passed, I was afraid that I could not settle down.

Ay 🌛 @meliiiiay
We will study the university in another city, we will read more, we will see the place, we will find the residence, if the government does not go to the country, we will look at the paid houses and we will do a lot of shopping.


The Center for Measurement, Selection and Placement (ÖSYM) has shared the calendar of the month of August in the past few days. According to the ÖSYM social networking agreement, pre-licensing applications from the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) will be submitted between 28 August and 12 September. The KPSS general culture general talent and the ÖABT results, which took place in August and also in the last weeks of July, took place in the calendar announced on 31 August, but it was noted that the YKS did not inform about the results of the preferences.

University preference results are on social media agenda ... When will the YKS preference results be announced?

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