UPDATE Bingöl news – Bingöl carpenter crashed: 6 killed, 9 wounded NUMBER OF KILLS AND INJURY UPDATE

5 people were killed in the vehicle. In the accident, 10 injured 112 emergency services were removed from the Bingöl State Hospital.

Six people died in Bingöl, nine people were injured.

According to the information received, the driver of the 46 D 9898 plate not yet determined, Bingöl-Mus highway in the direction of Şerefmeydani from the other side of the plate with 23 K 2946 collided.

After notification 112 emergency services, UMKE, AFAD and firefighters from the municipality of Solhan were sent away instead of an accident.

One of the seriously injured patients could not be rescued despite the hospital interventions.

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