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TURKEY Bendevi Palandöken, Chairman of the Confederation of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK), said: "We must start with the shortest time to completely remove the plastic bags from our lives, and products such as fabrics, fabric bags must present the customers for a while the customers.He said .. Recalling that the nylon bags given in the supermarkets are paid in the new year, the raw material of the nylon bags will help prevent the current deficit of more than $ 1 billion is being applied, as oil derivatives are used in the description of Palandöken. "We support the sale of the plastic bags from 1 January 2019 to reduce the use of nylon bags, which will reduce both use and damage to the environment," said Palandöken.

We have to use bags such as pallets, nets, fabric bags and pouch paper in daily life, and say: "We have to start as soon as we can get the plastic bags completely out of our lives and products such as cloth, fabric bags must they can make the nylon bags for the fabric bag and the net easy without the need for an extra unit.These net and fabric bags should not only be found in stores, but also in normal times.It is this the world we live in and this country pollutes it It means polluting our future, creating sensitivity and warning our neighbors to our relatives. "Our country will return to our economy, our economy, our health and our health will be positive ." he said.

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