What time is the Bayram prayer? 2018 Sacrifice Feast Prayer Hour

The answer to the question to be asked at the time of the Bayram prayer began to take place between the subjects that were questioned and examined by the citizens. Countdown to Feast of Sacrifice, which is recognized on Tuesday August 21st, has begun. Citizens do not miss the party. Prayer hours are examined. What time is ebru prayer made? Here il il Kurban Bayramı prayer times

The prayer of Kurban Bayramı will be held at 6.46 am in Ankara, 7 am in Istanbul, 7 am in Izmir, 7 am 7 pm in Canakkale and 6 am in Iğdir.

You can reach it by clicking on the links under the pages of the Eid prayer times in the district centers except the provincial centers;

According to the Presidency of the Presidium for Religious Affairs, the prayer times of the festival in the provinces are as follows:

"Adana: 06.39, Adiyaman: 06.27, Afyon: 06.57, Ağrı: 06.06, Aksaray: 06.43, Amasya: 06.33, Ankara: 06.46, Antalya: 06.58, Ardahan: 06.05, Artvin: 06.09, Aydın: 07.08, Balıkesir:: 06.45, Batman: 06.15, Bayburt: 06.16, Bilecik: 06.57, Bingöl: 06.17, Bitlis: 06.11, Bolu: 06.50, Burdur: 06.59, Bursa: 07.01, Çanakkale: 07.12, Çankırı: 06.42, Çorum: 06.37, Denizli: 07.03, Diyarbakir: 06.19, Düzce: 06.52, Edirne: 07.09, Elazig: 06.22, Erzincan: 06.20, Erzurum: 06.12, Eskisehir: 06.56, Gaziantep: 06.31, Giresun: 06.23, Gümüşhane: 06.19, Hakkari: 06.05, Hatay: 06.37,: 06.01, Isparta : 06.58, Istanbul: 07.0, İzmir: 07.11, Kahramanmaras: 06.32, Karabuk: 06.46, Karaman: 06.48, Kars: 06.04, Kastamonu: 06.41, Kayseri: 06.37, Kırıkkale: 06.44, Kırklareli: 07.07, Kırşehir: 06.42, Kilis: 06.32 , Kocaeli: 06.57, Konya: 06.50, Kütahya: 06.58, Malatya: 06.26, Manisa: 07.09, Mardin: 06.17, Mersin: 06.42, Mugla: 07.07, Muş: 06.13, Nevşehir: 06.40, Niğde: Sirnak: 06.10, Sirnak: 06.1 0, Tekirdag: 07.06, Tokat: 06.31, Sivas: 06.30, Sivas: 06.30, Sanliurfa: 06.25, Sirnak: Trabzon: 06.18, Tunceli: 06.20, Uşak: 07.01, From: 06.05, Yalova: 07.00, Yozgat: 06.38, Zonguldak: 06.49.


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To find the hours of the feast of the month in which you live, choose the city with the city on the above link. You can learn the Feast of Sacrifice Feast by choosing the province where you live after the province you made.


Preparing the holidays in advance, wearing clean and beautiful clothes nowadays, gusledilmesini, brushing your teeth, beautiful smells, güler face, prayer for Ramadan holiday and so on. the sacrifice of the first sacrifice to be defeated, if possible walking on foot and another way in the transition to use, much charity distribution, the fitttenin given for prayer, the only way to bring a menduptur.

According to the Hanafî & # 39; s, war time according to Hanbalî and Shafiîrs, and according to the Maliks, menduptur. According to the Hanafi and Hanbalîs, twenty-three times from the morning of the Ephesus to twenty-three times to the midday prayer on the fourth day of the feast, and according to the Mâlikiler, fifteen times from the afternoon prayer to the fourth prayer. In Shafi & # 39; these two visions have been included, but more first advice has been adopted in practice.

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1) The Congregation is placed in the correct order behind the Imam and intends "I intend to pray for the sacrifice of God for the sake of Allah, to obey my imitation".

2) When the imam says "Allahu Ekber" and raises his hands. The congregation says "Allahu Ekber" and raises his hands and ties under the belly.

3) Both the Imam and the Congregation read in secret "Subhanje & # 39 ;. Then it is taken three times. The acquisition of the individual is as follows:

First Tekbir: the imam loudly, the church secretly called "Allahu Ekber" (like iftitah in one), raise their hands and then lower them. Stop here.

Secondary Tekbir: The second time, "Allahu Ekber" is called up and raised again, and stops here just like the first.

Third Tekbir: Then the handler is lifted up again, called "Allahu Ekber", and is connected without being released.

4) Imam immediately afterwards the imam secretly reads "Euzu Besmele", reads openly Fatiha and a sura (the municipality reads nothing, listens to the imam)

5) Ruku and secdeler are made to the foot (second rekata) is lifted and the hands are connected.

The Day of the Bayram Prayer The Second Rack & # 39; at:

6) Imam reads Secretly, openly Fatiha and a sura in secret. When the surrender is over, the imam will take a loud voice, the congregation will last three more times (as in the first song), the third will be followed by a fourth singular, before the hands are connected, and then a secunda.

7) Sit down. Imam and congregation, Ethehiyyat. Allahunal salli, Allahun barbaric and Rabbana prayers read first, then right and then salute and end the prayer. After the prayer the sermon is read.

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The conditions that are set to make someone responsible for sacrifice are called the conditions of the victim. According to those who say that sacrificial animals are circumcision, these are the conditions for circumcision. In order for each of you to be obliged to sacrifice, the conditions of Muslim, Erudite, Resident and Empire are sought together.

According to the Hanafîs, Abu Hanifa and Abu Yûsuf and the Malik and Hanbalî denominations, it is not necessary to blame the victim's cause, but it is necessary or necessary for the minority children who have the necessary financial strength and sacrifice from their legal representatives on behalf of the mentally ill, depending on the difference of opinion about the religious judgment.

These jurisprudences kept the victim's pre-plan for the formation of a financial service and the observance of third persons, especially the poor. According to Imam Muhammad, Zuhair and Shafi & # 39; i, one of the Hanafi clergy, reason and necessity are necessary for sacrificing the victims. In the Hanafi sect the fetus is given in the opinion of Imam Muhammad and in practice this opinion is obtained.

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