What time will the Eid prayer be done tomorrow? These are the prayers for the Festival of Sacrifice of 2018

The answer to the question to be asked at the time of Bayram prayer remains one of the subjects questioned and examined by millions of citizens. Citizens who wonder about Eid prayer times in the Feast of Sacrifice look at times of prayer published by the Presidency of Religious Affairs. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and all other festivals have had their holiday. These are the prayers for the Festival of Sacrifice of 2018.

By choosing the province and district where you have Bayram prayers, you can reach the times of festival prayers in your city. To avoid confusion, it is recommended that you first choose the city in which you live and then the city in which you live.

The prayers of Kurban Bayramı will be executed in the provincial centers this year according to the statements of the Presidium for Religious Affairs;

Adana: 06.39, Adiyaman: 06.27, Afyon: 06.57, Ağrı: 06.06, Aksaray: 06.43, Amasya: 06.33, Ankara: 06.46, Antalya: 06.58, Ardahan: 06.05, Artvin: 06.09, Aydın: 07.08, Balıkesir: 06.46, Çankur: 06.37, Denizli: 07.03, Bandirma: 06.04, Bandirma: 06.15, Bayburt: 06.16, Bilecik: 06.57, Bingöl: 06.17, Bitlis: 06.11, Bolu: 06.50, Burdur: 06.59, Bursa: 07.01, Çanakkale: Diyarbakir: 06.19, Düzce: 06.52, Edirne: 07.09, Elazig: 06.22, Erzincan: 06.20, Erzurum: 06.12, Eskisehir: 06.56, Gaziantep: 06.31, Giresun: 06.23, Gümüşhane: 06.19, Hakkari: 06.05, Kırklareli: 06.07, Kırklareli: 07.07, Kırşehir: 06.42, Kars: 06.01, Karseri: 06.31, Kayseri: 06.34, Kırklareli: 06.44, Kırklareli: 07.07, Kırşehir: 06.42, Karabük: 06.46, Karaman: 06.01, Kastamonu: Kilis: 06.32, Kocaeli: 06.57, Konya: 06.50, Kütahya: 06.58, Malatya: 06.26, Manisa: 07.09, Mardin: 06.17, Mersin: 06.42, Mugla: 07.07, Muş: 06.13, Nevşehir: 06.40, Niğde: 06.41, Sirnak: 06.30, Şanlıurfa: 05.47, Sirnak: 06.10, Tek irdağ: 07.06, Tokat: 06.31, Sivas: Trabzon: 06.18, Tunceli: 06.20, Uşak: 07.01, From: 06.05, Yalova: 07.00, Yozgat: 06.38, Zonguldak: 06.49.

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Those who can not keep prayers on the first day because of apologies can be removed on the second day of the Ramadan festival, on the second and third day of the sacrifice.



According to sources of Religious Affairs, it is necessary to prepare in advance for the festivities, to choose clean and beautiful clothes, especially on this day, to brush their teeth and smell beautiful smells, to have a facial face , to walk as far as possible to the feast of prayer, to use a different direction of return route, It is known that the sacrificial meat is commenced beaten and that it is brought together when it goes to the nakaza. Mendup means verbs that will reward Muslims if they are not religious or violent.


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People wonder about sacrificing worship. There is much worship during the sacrifice feast for 4 days. Here is the worship that must be done in the Feast of Sacrifice;

Sacrifice: This worship, which is a wajip for everyone who is in the situation, is the cause of the Feast of Sacrifice.

Prayer: The festival of sacrifice goes into the millions of Islamic festival prayers in the morning. It is also very important to do accidents and vain prayers outside of Bayram prayers.

Bringing one to the other: after this morning prayer, it is vaciptir to bring singles to the afternoon prayer on the 4th day of Kurban Bayramı.

Conversion and Counseling: As it is during all major religious days, it is important to pray for forgiveness of sins during the Feast of Sacrifice, to repent and to forgive sins.

Surah Ihlas makes a marijuana: through the Bayram Ihlas Suresi 1000 times to read Ihlas Hatmiyi the virtue of the festival will be taken over.

Helping the poor fugue: Sharing the sacrificial meat to the needy is also one of the important goals of this festival.

Strengthen ties between Muslims: strengthening the ties between family members, friends, relatives and believers will stimulate the spiritual orientation of the holiday.

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