When does SSPC reveal the results of YKS preference? Results of university placement

The preferences for higher education institutions (YKS) that were taken at the measurement, selection and placement center (OSYM) were final on 14 August. With the enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of candidates who have been waiting for the completion of their transactions, YKS wants to know on what date the results of the election have been announced. Here is the history of YKS preferred results …


It is not yet clear when the results of YKS preferred results, or in other words, the results of placement at the university will be published by OSYM. OSYM has not made a final statement on the history of the registration process when the outcome results of the August end result are expected to announce the results of university preferences. If you have an official statement from OSYM, you can read our news.

According to the results of the YKS, candidates who have the right to register for a program are registered on September 3-7, 2018. Electronic records are made between September 3, 2018.

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Placement results are announced to the candidates via "https://sonuc.osym.gov.tr". The final document will not be printed and will not be sent to the addresses of the candidates. For candidates who have been placed abroad at universities, a letter is given containing the program that is required or where the applicant has placed the application.


After university quotas have been published and university preferences have been completed, the additional placement process for the remaining quota begins. Candidates placed in a university with preferred results after choosing a central placement can not request additional placement. At admission, candidates with a score below the smallest total score for placement in associated and undergraduate programs are not placed. The additional placement preference costs are £ 15. The preferences of those who do not pay the additional placement costs are not processed by candidates who prefer to place an additional placement.

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