Woman daughter arrested with body in bank

The incident took place in a house in Altıntaş Mahallesi 352 Sokak in Konak province in Izmir. Hatice Ayhan, the daughter she lived with, who for a while received no news from the mother's Smiley Bulut, went to hospital with her aunt and asked her mother. Hatice Ayhan, who came home with his aunt on Saturday night, opened the castle on the side. She smiled at Smiley Bulut in a couch wrapped in a blanket. After notifying the situation, the Department of Public Security Branch Directorate of Homicide Bureau investigated the home. The lifeless body of Smiley Bulut was sent to the mortuary of the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institution for autopsy after the prosecutor's office and the investigation of the police teams at home.


Hatice Ayhan, who was not present in the disappearance of the applicant about the mother, was detained on contradictory statements. Hatice Ayhan, who was taken to the board of the public security service in Bozyaka and did not accept the accusations in question, was arrested at the time he was referred during the night hours. A seal was shot at the door of the house where the Smiley Bulut lived with her daughter.

"I saw the Smiley Bulut last Friday, and I saw it Thursday, hanging on clothes, long with her daughter," says Hasan Çankaya from the neighbors of the Bulut, his daughter Hatice Ayhan and the aunt looking for the places where the hospital and her mother could go. They said, "Something like a mouse smells at home." Then they looked at the bottom of the bank and found the corpse there, the police took Hatice away with him and then he did not come anymore. ".

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