YKS preferred results are explained! Last 3 days … How can you request SSPC entrance exam for university results?

YKS preferred results will be announced within three days. OSYM, dates for university registration announced. According to university registration data, the YKS results should be published this week. When is the exact registration date of the university?


According to the OSYM statement, the results of the YKS according to the results of a program registration of candidates who will be registered between 3-7 September 2018 will suffice. According to this statement, the YKS results should be published this week. Results can be explained at any time. You can directly request the results from the link below if they are explained.

Placement results are announced to the candidates via the Internet (https://sonuc.osym.gov.tr). The final document will not be printed and will not be sent to the addresses of the candidates. The announcements on the website are communicated to the candidates. For candidates who are placed at universities abroad, a letter will be given with the program, if necessary, and the placement of the candidate on the application.



The registration procedure for candidates who have the right to register for a program based on the results of YKS will take place between 3-7 September 2018. Electronic records will be made between 3-5 September 2018. Candidates who can register must fill in the following documents for registration and apply for them at the relevant universities within the registration period. Candidates who do not register for registration or who have not completed their registration within this period lose their registration fees. Applicants who register electronically will carry out transactions according to the documents and the dates announced by the universities.

Candidates who are entitled to register for a higher education program but who can not graduate from secondary education institutions and who will take a single exam are also temporarily enrolled at higher education institutions on designated dates. If the applicants submit their diplomas before 31 December 2018 at the higher education institution, they will be registered. Preliminary records from those who can not certify that they have graduated on this date will be removed and no records will be recorded of candidates who do not have their temporary records on the dates specified.


After completing the enrollment procedures for higher education programs, the remaining vacancies will be reported to the universities ÖSYM. Additional placement will be made centrally by OSYM to the quotas that are open at the end of the general placement, made on the basis of the results of the Higher Education Program 2018-YKS and not filled up as a result of not registering.
Candidates who are placed in a higher education program with a central placement can not request additional placement.

With extra placement; candidates whose undergraduate and undergraduate programs score below the smallest score in the central general placement will not be placed. At the end of the final registration, the student is not pre-registered with the programs that are open to quotas.

The additional placement preference costs amount to 15.00 TL. The preferences for additional placement are not processed by those who do not pay the additional placement costs of candidates who have opted for additional placement.


a) Original or certified copy of the high school diploma for which the applicant has passed, or a recent certificate of graduation
b) Official document with the graduate who graduated from the school and the area, if the applicant is placed on the basis of the supplementary point, but not the diploma from the area or the graduation certificate. (The name of the center that arranges the diploma since the school name is written in the diploma & # 39; s of METEM program graduates.)
c) 12 pieces of photo of 4.5 cm x 6 cm
d) Certificate of payment of tuition fees / tuition fees
e) Original or universally certified copies of other documents to be announced by the university prior to registration


a) Placement scores TYT and / or SAY, SÖZ, EA, LANGUAGE,
b) Preferences related to programs for higher education,
c) they are placed in compliance with the quota and conditions of the programs for higher education.

If the candidates who are placed in a higher education program with the 2018-YKS finisher (including the additional placement) or who enroll in a higher education program with a special proficiency examination, enter into 2019-YKS, the multiplication coefficients / coefficients of the OBP & # 39; s reduced.

Two different methods are used in the selection of students for higher education programs, central placement by OSYM and selection by special proficiency test carried out by institutions of higher education. The central placement method is described below. The method to select with the Special Ability Test is explained in the fifth article. Candidates with a centralized placement are placed in ÖSYM, taking into account higher education programs, placement scores and extra points if that is the case, preferences related to higher education programs and the quotas & conditions of these program & # 39; s.

Table 1A shows that candidates who score at least the number of points can choose which study programs in higher education or higher education programs.

Tables 6A and 6B.1 show undergraduate programs that can be placed with additional scores that are considered to be in the same / near range as some areas in secondary education and Table 6C shows associate program programs. where they can be placed with extra scores that are considered as continuation of the fields in vocational and technical secondary education institutions.

For the undergraduate program listed in table 6A and table 6B.1, candidates who have registered before the relevant secondary school before 30.03.2012 will be placed with additional placement points. Candidates who register at the relevant secondary school after 30.03.2012 will not be placed with additional placement scores on the undergraduate programs listed in table 6A and table 6B.1. Candidates who have graduated from the subjects / branches indicated in table 6B.2 of the institutions for vocational education and technical secondary education are placed on the quota (MTO) of the faculties of technology / arts and design faculties / tourism faculties for graduates in MBO and technical secondary education (MTOK). M.T.O.K. If the quotas are open, candidates who have graduated from other areas of other secondary schools will be placed in these quotas if they prefer.



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