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& # 39; Marvel Spider-Man & # 39; mode released for GTA 5 PS 4

The Grand Theft Auto 5 & # 39; Marvel Spider-Man & # 39; mode of the JulioNIB is available to everyone free of charge.

The Spider-Man mode, released for the PlayStation 4 version of GTA 5, allows players to swing across the net, wrap the target around the net, hang up and down different objects, climb walls and launch vehicles and networks. Special promotion is added to the game at the same time. These are all based on the Spider-Man game from Marvel.

In the game with Mod, the Spiderman can jump between buildings with the network. By pressing the & # 39; Jump & # 39; button again button, the network can be moved faster and it can be reached higher when the swing is canceled. But if you want the animation to become more realistic, you need buildings close by. It is also possible to cancel this function from the settings.

Players can catch the passers-by by holding down the & # 39; Attack & # 39; key after pressing the & # 39; Capture & # 39; key. In addition, a target can be attacked by kicking a target defined by the network. This attack depends on the distance to the goal and the height. If you hold down the & # 39; Jumping & # 39; key to cancel the route, it can be canceled. If you hold down the network key while hanging on the wall, you can run Spider-Man and climb the building. As you approach the top of the building, you can jump forward and up.

You can use this link to download Spider-Man.

GTA 5 Spider-Man mode

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