£ 8.8 billion cost of lung cancer in Turkey

Turkey & lung cancer was announced & # 39; report. The report found that about 8.8 billion of the total economic burden of lung cancer in Turkey.

In addition to the economic burden caused by lung cancer; The current situation in our country with regard to the risk factors and the prevention of lung cancer, early diagnosis and screening programs, diagnosis and treatment process, support treatment were analyzed and the solution points for each area were determined and suggestions for solutions were presented. Association of Lung Cancer, Lung Health and Intensive Care Society, Health Science University, the Turkish Medical Oncology Association, Turkey Cancer Institute and the Turkish Respiratory Society's Policy is done in this report prepared by the unconditional support of AstraZeneca of Turkey at come together and lung cancer in Turkey The economic burden it has caused in Turkey has been extensively presented by taking into account all direct and indirect costs.

According to data from the Lung Cancer Report In Turkey, the total economic burden of lung cancer in our country was calculated as 8 billion 791 million 885,000 TL 18. The average direct costs per patient were 48 thousand 731 TL in small cell lung cancer patients and 56 thousand 478 TL at not small-cell lung cancer patients. Average costs per patient increased by 175 thousand 838 TL including indirect costs. This situation revealed that indirect costs in lung cancer had a significant share in the overall economic burden.


In addition to the economic burden of lung cancer; The current situation in our country has been analyzed with regard to the risk factors and prevention of lung cancer, early diagnosis and screening programs, diagnosis and treatment process and support of treatment. Some of the proposed solutions are summarized as follows:

Faktör The risk factors specific to our country for lung cancer must be determined by scientific studies. Patients should be evaluated in accordance with these risk factors and directed to the appropriate physicians. Measures and training to reduce the use of tobacco and tobacco products should be increased and additional incentive programs for release should be organized. Early diagnosis of lung cancer should be given priority and interdisciplinary practices should be extended. Scientific studies to be carried out with the support of the Ministry of Health in our country should be spread over the genomic markers we see in the world. The number of palliative care and end-of-day care centers should be increased and new nursing homes should be set up for patients who can not be treated. Given the current economic burden, studies should be conducted to enable early diagnosis


The Rector of the University of Health Sciences, known as the architect of the law on the prevention of damage to tobacco products. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl emphasized that the fight against smoking is the first step in the fight against lung cancer. Erdöl tür Lung cancer affects a very significant proportion of the male population in our country and is the most common form of cancer in men. Although there are many reasons that lead to lung cancer, the biggest and most preventable cause is cigarette smoking. The number of women with lung cancer is increasing rapidly, as smoking increases rapidly among young people and women. That is why the fight against smoking is the first step in the fight against lung cancer

Lung cancer in Turkey Report of the Scientific Committee member Prof. dr. Dr. Worldwide risk factors for cancer are tobacco products, weight gain, alcohol, ultraviolet radiation, processed and prepared foods, infections and immobility. We need to clarify the specific risk factors for our society and take the total battle against them. In addition, the establishment of top centers should be considered for a treatment area where we lose more than 30,000 people annually. , The establishment of specialized centers for lung cancer, including all stakeholders such as breast disease specialist, thoracic surgery specialist, oncologist, pathologist, psychologist, will also make an important contribution to health tourism Gö.

"50 thousand have lung cancer patients IN TURKEY"

Report of Turkey in Lung Cancer and Academic Editors Prof. dr. Dr. Nuri Karadurmuş "The most common cancer in men in lung cancer in women, while Turkey 5th lung cancer.According to the Department of Health Cancer Statistics data, there are about 50,000 patients with lung cancer in Turkey" sharing information, Lung Cancer Report of the Scientific and editorial board members in Turkey Prof. dr. Dr. İrfan Çiçin said, dolaylı 31% of the total cost of lung cancer is direct costs and 69% is indirect costs. It is necessary to take into account that indirect costs are more than direct costs when determining cost-saving measures.


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