Ambulance intensity for the pandemic hospital in Trabzon

Measures in Trabzon were stepped up, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced among the provinces with a significant increase in coronavirus cases. While the number of cases in the city increased by 50 percent, some residential areas began to be quarantined. Health teams in the city, which stated that the occupancy rate of intensive care beds is 75 percent, are making intensive efforts to lead coronavirus patients to the hospital by ambulances.


In the Emergency Department of the Kanuni Training and Research Hospital, where outpatient services were removed and Covid-19 patients were taken care of in the city, the intensity was created by ambulances to leave the case patients frightened in the evening of the previous day. A citizen who witnessed the moments of intensity when the ambulances were in line while the emergency service was busy at certain times, captured these moments with a mobile phone camera. Many followers on social media where the images were shared called on society to adhere to epidemic measures.


Businessperson Halil İbrahim Demirtaş, who is quarantined at home with his family in the city, responded to those who did not follow the precautions, sharing: “This is the Kaşüstü Hospital, ambulances are waiting in line to leave the patients. You have to be in it to understand the gravity of the situation. Also, don’t tell me, “I’m watching myself, don’t say something will happen to me,” because I did, but now I’m in quarantine at home. Please all obey the rules, otherwise those sirens will sound for us ”.

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