Become human, why the best games of 2018?

Detroit captures hearts with its impressive story: Become Human is considered by many to be one of the best games of 2018.

One of the most popular games of 2018, Detroit: Become Human, has achieved great success with its impressive "stories". See the game briefly and say why 2018 is one of the best games Social Media Specialist Kristen Titus

"I remember very well when he introduced us to Kara at Quanta Dream 2012. It was just a demo, but it was both beautiful and memorable to see an Android player who argued not to be removed. amazing, above all that I've seen before. "I'm scared," he hears you cry, even years after I could not forget it. "

"It's really unbelievable to see this idea with Detroit: Become Human, it's Markus and Connor alongside Kara in the game, which contains a lively story about empathy, choice and what it means to be human." The fluency of the story is made with the thought of it, neither fast nor slow, I have never encountered a situation where I had to get bored with the characters. "


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"Although many games have shown that the story is just as important as the elections, I did not see a game as important as Detroit, after about a week in which the game was released, when I met some of my friends who had the game. completed, it was surprising to see that we were all different in the end.It took a decision in favor of the androids, some stopped with people, the most important was that there was not satisfied with the result, even if this is a great success was for games with branched stories. "


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"The remarkable thing is that you have come up with choices that you will understand that the story can completely change through the game, and you wonder what the results are of things you have not picked up, while each chapter left you a path. see that you had made choices.

By making a piece that it can play again and again, Quantic Dream has to go back and make characters worth playing again. While Kara's empathy has been growing steadily since 2012, Markus's hopeful attitude to problems (how the cemetery scene was …) made me immediately connect with him. What amazed me most was how I got stuck in Connor's back. Of the three main characters he acted in the most appropriate way to his code, and he was the most robotic robot to act. But seeing his goal and his way of thinking is slowly starting to change with his human friend, Hank, has made a big impression on me. He was the only android I had ever refused in all my games because I could not bear the thought that he had been deprived of life.

Orum With the exception of the story, Quantic Dream is a technical marvel to let the characters live live. Environment, design, motion-capture technique that is too close to reality, everything is so beautiful that I stopped the game many times and said: Look at the pores! Even if you only play once, it is even worth watching the motion capture. "


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Detroit: Although Human is the storyline we know in science fiction, the broad and many different options it offers the player, combined with its impressive effects, make the game one of the most brilliant productions of 2018.

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