Gomis wants to return to Galatasaray

Gomis wants to return to Galatasaray

In the summer months with Galatasaray and Al Hilal & # 39; a separating the path after managing the yellow-red management "money" due to many times stated that leaving the Bafetimbi Gomis, said in an exclusive interview in the future wants to return to Galatasaray.


Galatasaray, managing his own path, indicating that Gomis, "The crisis is the result of experiencing due to money in Turkey had problems in the Turkish lira is weakened in this competition.Can the offer he wanted to get in the summer of Galatasaray, he has contact with me for the transfer and we had to make a decision My first choice was to continue my adventure at Galatasaray I was in love with the club, I was in love with Istanbul, the energy level of sports fans, I broke all my records at the age of 33. I became the top scorer, I broke the record with 29 goals for foreign players.I wanted to hear the Champions League music, I was proud, honorable, settled and tried to be stable in Galatasaray at the end of my experience with Swansea in Marseille, but the leaders of the team decided not to renew the contract. expressions used.


French star who wants to go back to Galatasaray in the future, "Galatasaray was great, I could not compare anything to anything else, I felt very loved in Galatasaray, I saw a lot of love from what I was expecting.I have never loved me, I've had problems before, but I was the attacker she needed the crowd behind the rush hour, we feel invincible, the fans told me about numbers, she yaptiriyor panther tattoos, I was afraid of Turkey, while in 2017, I was not very comfortable in Istanbul, but, hopefully, when it ended my contract with Crescent, albeit for a short time Galatasaray I will turn around and discover this story in a good way " he said.


Experienced players who emphasize that the purpose of his trip to Arabia is not to make money before he retires. "I have not come to Al Hilal with early retirement.They invested me with the big money and I intend to trust you in exchange to give it to them.My wife, two children and a personal trainer and sisters, the one who I came to Arabia with my help I know in Turkey, I cook at home, I spoke with players like Ekoko, Feindouno, Niang, Sow before I came here. he said.

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