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High weight loss by injection per week

The European Obesity Congress, held in Glasgow, Scotland, discussed the new treatment options for obesity, a worldwide serious health problem, and the results of the scientific study conducted in a special session.

According to AA; Dr. Dr. Mads Tang-Christensen said that obesity is a growing health problem worldwide.

, The data shows that global obesity rates have doubled since 1980 and that more than 600 million people are classified as obese, he said.

Stressing that adequate exercise and good dietary habits are very important in the fight against obesity, Christensen stressed that this should be changed into a way of life through behavioral change.

Stressing that the use of herbal products without scientific evidence and the content of which is unknown should be avoided, Christensen stated that treatment should be performed with medical options, as far as the doctor is aware of this.


He explained that important scientific studies have been conducted to develop effective medical therapy for obesity.

Christensen, who has been used to treat diabetes but also provides weight loss, has been used to treat obesity for 2 years. He said that positive results have been achieved.

The new drug study, Christensen said, has reached an important phase in the study: "Phase two results have been completed and phase 3 work has started, the data obtained are promising," he said.

According to the results of the study, obese people according to current medical products, a healthy weight loss is much higher than the striking Christensen, "People with obesity in the 52 percent study more than 52 weeks weight loss was achieved. Even about 15-16 percent of weight loss Current data are quite successful, but more studies will be conducted on a group of patients to see if the results are consistent.


Dr. Dr. Christensen, the new drug, like the previous drug, the drug was applied by telling the method, said: "The new drug will be used immediately for the treatment of obesity. It is enough to use the new product once a week , so the new drug will differ in both efficiency and usability. "

Christensen, the completion of all phases of the product is expected to be available by the end of 2021, he said. Christensen, on the other hand, stated that studies on the pill form, rather than injection, have been continued with insulin therapy.

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