Kars news Travel with Eastern Express for World Diabetes Day

November 14 World Diabetes Day because of Ankara, Eastern Express leaves with the group of diabetic patients, their families and doctors have reached a team of Kars.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), one of the longest routes as transportation fuel Orient Express continues to attract importance of time, Ankara and Kars.

After the route of Kirikkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum from Ankara, the train reached the last stop of Kars after reaching 1310 kilometers. Passengers look at the beautiful views, experienced moments during the trip.

On November 14, World Diabetes Day, the team came to Kars after a 25-hour journey to integrate diabetics and their families.

Professor at Ankara Endomer Pediatric Endocrinology Center Tümay Sözen and Assoc. Dr. A team of 27 people led by Ergun Çetinkaya visits the historical and cultural areas of Kars.

Specialist in pediatrics and endocrinology in children, Assoc. Dr. Ergun Çetinkaya, told reporters at Kars Train Station, November 14 World Diabetes Day for Kars because they came, he said.

Çetinkaya stated that they had made a wonderful trip and said, "Diy, it was a good trip, I came to Kars for the first time, and it has become a fashion to come to Kars with Doğu Ekspresi, inland, we have trips to abroad. "he said.

Çetinkaya stated that they traveled with Eastern Express to ensure the fusion of diabetics and families.

"We made a long train journey, we got tired, but it was beautiful, it was colorful, I hope we spend a good time here.

– "They share their problems with each other during their travels"

Çetinkaya, families during the journey are expressed.

Many of the patients using insulin point to Çetinkaya, "their problems with it, the rise of blood sugar levels, the problems they have encountered in falling travels, organizations share with each other." Very happy, beautiful, 3-4 days to spend their normal life. " he said.

Professor Dr. Tümay Sözen also emphasized that they have made a nice trip, olur November 14 World Diabetes Day was a fun trip in the context of the activities Hopefully the people here are happy with the activities. For the first time I am already excited to go to Kars. come. He said.

Hazal Naz Baca also came to Kars for the first time, said: "I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had heard the Eastern Express, but could not come, I also wanted to come." Under guidance from our teacher, our trip was very nice and happy." he said.

Senay Eroglu diagnosed diabetes 3 years ago and made a nice trip with the Eastern Express, he said.

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