Last minute | Besiktas shock! The number of coronavirus cases was 8 – Beşiktaş (BJK) News

Last minute … Beşiktaş announced that the coronavirus-inverted result of a total of 5 players, 2 of whom went to the national games, was positive.

The explanation is as follows;

Today the Covid-19 PCR test was applied to our technical delegation, football players and administrative staff of BJK Nevzat Demir Facilities.

As a result of the tests, positive findings were found in a total of three soccer players, one of whom was a player outside the team, who continued their work independently of the team.

In addition, we reported that two soccer players who participated in their country’s national team camps because of national matches had positive findings in the Covid-19 PCR tests.

Our soccer players whose screening tests give positive results; follow-up, isolation, and treatment processes were initiated in accordance with the relevant protocols.

In addition to the last two screening tests conducted by our club, the number of footballers diagnosed with Covid-19 in our football team has risen to eight as a result of the tests conducted in the national team camps.

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