Pamir heads from 3 elderly came together for the baby

Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray came together as part of the ‘I will not leave you Pamir’ campaign. The dialogue between Ali Koç and Ahmet Nur Çebi was highlighted during the live broadcast on Beşiktaş’s YouTube channel.

The “Let Me Stop You Pamir” campaign launched by Beşiktaş for Pamir Pekin, who is struggling with SMA disease, continues without slowing down.

Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray joined forces for Pamir. The relief campaign, which brought together club presidents, many famous names and Pamir’s family, was broadcast on Beşiktaş’s YouTube channel.

Ali Koç: I am wearing a Beşiktaş sweater – WATCH


In the live broadcast, where important messages were given, Ali Koç said he wanted to watch a match with Pamir after the baby regained his health. Beşiktaş president Ahmet Nur Çebi was for Ali Koç. “Let it be in our field. Let us have the advantage” answered in the form.

Ali Koç to Ahmet Nur Çebi ”It does not matter. I will be wearing a Beşiktaş sweater. ” said. Ahmet Nur Çebi “You are great” The dialogue to which he replied was applauded.


“I hope we will collect successful aid as a result of a broadcast. I offer my respects and greetings to the football community, participants and dear presidents.”


“Thank you as a father and daughter. Unfortunately we have dozens of children in our country like Pamir. We have a treatment method for this disease in America. We also have hospitals. It’s one of the most expensive treatment methods. So the money raised for your campaign is very “Great. But it’s not enough. I hope we have to catch up tonight. Time’s running out. There’s a $ 600,000 difference, if I’m not mistaken.”

Pamir heads of 3 elders come together for baby # 1


“There are highly developed associations in the West. Associations must be established for SMA disease. Also for many other diseases. We should not expect everything in the state, as Ali’s president said. Beşiktaş. I will do my best financially. ” I congratulate you. I’m addressing the audience from here. “

Pamir heads of 3 giants come together for baby # 2

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