She went to the hospital on suspicion of influenza! The bitter news came

Ayla Serap Sile, 2 years ago at home on her father Serkan Çile
was taken to hospital by a suspected influenza.

The rhabdomyosarcoma of the girl with muscles
It was determined that the cancer disease had been caught. Illness in the 4th stage
Treatment with Ayla Serap Çile was started immediately. waitresses who
Father Serkan Çile moved to Istanbul to keep his daughter alive. View Ayla's full profile. It's free!
in recent years the disease has progressed.

Young girl getting treatment in private hospital in Istanbul, her life yesterday evening hours
He lost. Serkan Çile wanted to enter the new year with hope, was destroyed with bitter news.

Serkan Çile announced his loss of daughter on the social media account, "Place
Heaven, girl.

Go Bye. May my Lord be you in heaven. Your father loves you very much. Angel,
My princess shared her feelings. Ile Ayla Serap Çile & # 39; s funeral, Zonguldak
It was built in the Askeritepe mosque in the district of Taşbaca in the Kozlu district.
buried after the funeral prayer

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