The $ 31 Steam game was completely free!

Modest bundle The players continue to rejoice. Today is a nice surprise for players Modest bundle 31 £ & # 39;Steam game Lego The Hobbit LeI make it custom-made to date brought. Hold your hand!

Steam game sold for 31 TL was completely free!

Warner Bros. developed byThe Hobbit Humble bundle completely made free for a short time. On Steam 31 TLSold to Lego The Hobbit and the fans are waiting for a completely different entertainment. If you are looking for such a game, you can use this option.

Lego The Hobbit & # 39; e totally free what you have to do from here By going to the store page, mağaza& # 39; Get The Game & # 39; After clicking on Modest bundle log in to your account.

free Steam game

Then the game is free Modest bundle to add the code of your e-mail address to your library game platform You can switch to the activation phase.

steam This code, which comes to your e-mail address, is located at the bottom of the application. Add game> Activate product by the 31 £ & # 39;to the game totally free You can have it like. But only the game 15 DecemberLet's also mention that you are completely free & # 39 ;.

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