The bandit made the action with the latest episode of The Revereed World No! Has the new delivery trailer been published?

The last episode of the series "Eşkıya Dünyaya ruler Olmaz" gave the audience a shocking moment. In the final part of the series, Khidr, after retiring to his corner, appointed as the head of the Elijah family, ya mistake made himself considered. After the end of the last part of the new section began to be examined. So, is the new episode from the series "The Bandit to the World" published?

The new delivery trailer for Ashkya Dunyaya Mutar has not yet been published. Once it is published, you can view our news.


Isas, who accuses him of disobedience, does not want Alparslan, which he says is being erased, to go to his hotel. Khidr is also alarmed by the dispute between the two Çakırbeyli. After retiring to his corner, he assumes that the mistake he made to Elijah that he had named as the head of the family was made for himself. Although Alparslan says that his goal is to protect his family, such a defense has no validity for Khidr. Alpaslan still thinks he needs to push the boundaries. They send a clear message to the bouncers: give the traitor or I am gone! Circle narrowed before the Fire, eliminating the obstacles to İzzet. When Ilyas attacks from one side to another, Izzet and Atesh come together again to prepare a big game to continue their partnership. The victim of this game, which could cause the destruction of everyone, will be the type …


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