The older brother of Çıya party, candidate for AKP

Haldun Çıray, the deputy chairman of the BEST Party for Media and Media, Aytun Çıray, made the first official application for the candidacy of the AKP candidate in Izmir.

By going to the party to submit an application for the candidacy and saying that he will not ask anyone Haldun Çıray"You want me to become the president of the republic because I want to be the mayor, he is not a mayor who is coming, the president will determine the Metropolitan candidate, I will look at my resume, ask for the research, make a decision, my neck is thinner than the hair, for some candidates I am Izmir myself, "he said.

Former group chairman Aytun Çıray's older brother Haldun Çıray, who submitted a candidacy for the candidacy of the mayor of the city of Izmir, was ambitious.

Haldun Çıray, who has worked for many years in the agricultural and credit cooperative organization in Izmir and the Tariş Olive and Olive Oil Association, has made politics in various political parties. Candidate who submitted the application file: "I went straight, I submitted my application, I will not ask anyone, you want me to be the President of the President, because I want to be the mayor." It is not a mayor who came at the request of the president. Do you have a question? Let's make a decision, my neck is thinner than the hair, they say & # 39; Izmir & # 39; s face & # 39; or something for some candidates, I am Izmir myself, & # 39; he said.


Haldun Çıray said his brother Aytun Çıray did not interfere with his application for a candidacy for the AK party. He said uz We are not just talking about the issues of the land between us. I do not think it will say anything. I get a little angry with her. & # 39;

Haldun Çıray, who has a son and a daughter, has prepared projects. Çıray indicates that he wants to be an example, he says that health tourism is very important for Izmir. Çıray, recalling the perception of the & # 39; retired city & # 39; Izmir, "Izmir is not a retired city, it's easy to stand out by saying, throwing and throwing, but I have to do important work." I like doing a nice job, "he said, people who will be nominated for the Metropolitan, the spirit and logic of the projects, it is important to be able to offer something to the political party in which it represents Haldun Çıray," the political side of the municipality should be.

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