The Samsung Foldable phone will be angry with your battery!

It has been on the agenda for a long time Samsung foldable phone the new details are still being transferred. According to today's development, Galaxy FoldThe battery capacity of the battery has been removed. Here, the details!

The Samsung Foldable phone will be angry with your battery! Angry with the battery!

According to previously published reports, SamsungIn total un un foldable phone 6,200 mAhIt was claimed that the battery would receive power.

According to the information obtained by the sources close to the company, 4.200 mAhWe see that it has been left out.

Samsung folding phone turkey

Many users have already mentioned that 7.3 inches thinks it would be insufficient compared to a smartphone. It is of course worth noting that this information consists of an assumption.

So what does Samsung expect from us with a folding phone?

According to official information, when the revolutionary phone is not folded 7.3 inches can be used as a tablet. If it is folded 4.58 inches in a smartphone foldable phone 200 grams have a weight.

The foldable phone from the technology giant, unveiled for the first time at the developers' conference, seemed pretty rude to appreciate.

Samsung foldable phone

However, given the fact that the model in question is a prototype, the year 2019 is quite modern. foldable smartphone Let us also mention that we will encounter the model.

As a class, $ 1,850 A foldable phone will be available for sale at the beginning of the day. The price of a label at the beginning of Asia will be presented to users in the region. By the end of 2019 US and Europe The phone is already on the market is expected by many users.

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