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Yusuf Güney of The Artists Who Support Imamoglu

Yusuf Guney, "Everything will be very beautiful," the artists said, choking. South, "Your attitude, you have a spine." expressions used.


Yusuf Güney told about the artists who supported Imamoglu on his social media account and said, oğlu Yesterday they suppress each other to take a selfie with the president. Nowadays he supports İmamoğlu. You have an attitude, a backbone. I don't want to longer respect and I respect each other. expressions used.


For a period of martyr's families in addition to the support of Yusuf Güney, the supporters of the famous names share the photo of the support: "I because I am with my family because of martyrs just because I stayed for days without insulting blasphemy and threats .. You must say that the artist must be neutral Do you not see the artist friends in the table you do not see any reaction to the artist did not read a small respect for art, please … I respect everyone's vision is infinite understanding of the same tolerance was waiting for your respect "had shared with the note.

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