1200 beneficiaries of Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Smart Application

Sami Gargash, executive director of the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Foundation, opened the International Housing Day, organized by the Foundation, at Dubai Festival City.

It contains a package of initiatives and events that are aimed at all categories. Talal Al Ali, Senior Manager of Smart Services at Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing, said that the number of users of housing services in the application of the smart setting "Housing" reached 1200 until the third quarter of this year, noting that there is ongoing modernization and development of smart services.

And the addition of new ones, and this is reflected in the large turnout of beneficiaries on the services of the institution.

"The implementation of ISKAN provides new updates, including the addition of modernization to the demand for housing, the addition of services for construction contractors and the introduction of certification for those interested in the other emirates," he added, the format of the application is adapted to the new conditions and requirements of the customer and provides easy access to Housing Services, such as adding the owner's approval service to the payment request, adding benefits to homeowners and owners of the property, and simplify and simplify the application process on the housing form.

Smart Designer

Talal Al-Ali talked about the application of the Smart Designer, a smart and user-friendly application that allows everyone to create beautiful and realistic external and internal designs in two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes and can easily design structural and architectural designs using a simplified user interface.

ID housing

Through the implementation of the housing identification, housing services offered by the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment can be made available in an interactive and easy way at any time, anywhere and 24 hours by talking with the Housing ID and the local Emirati dialect, which will answer many of the questions. Frequently asked questions with illustrations, links to services and smart business apps.

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