140 people were killed, 40 of them with a wrong robbery and 270 wounded

Evening Press – Special Al-Amalek and Tariq Salih, loyal to the UAE on the west coast, suffered their biggest loss since the start of the UAE-led coalition on the west coast for control of the city of Hodeidah in the west. Yemen to take.
Military sources from both sides in Sana & # 39; a and Aden reported that the last two days The coalition launched a large-scale ground offensive through various bulldozers in the direction of the Durahmi Directorate to control the directorate, cutting the 16 km line, including the closure of the siege of the city of Hodeidah, but these journeys did not make much progress compared to the size of the losses that mainly affected manpower.
He stressed A military source in Sana & # 39; a that repels the army and the People & # 39; s Committees more than the march on Durahmi's board during the past two days resulted in the death of 100 shooters, mostly recruits with Tariq Saleh, in addition to the murder of nearly 40 others after a coalition by the coalition during the retreat from the attack, "The source pointed out that the wounded over 270 wounded were distributed to the hospitals of the brain and Aden.
On the other hand, a military source, "legitimacy" that lost the forces of Tariq 15 armored UAE, some of them were rocket attacks directed by hunters Houthis, While most of them were destroyed by mines planted Which Tariq troops are hard to detect adding that "the Houthis" attacks on the hunters of Tariq Saleh, the force quickly lost, which led to the spread of violence and access to areas planted with large quantities of and mines that destroyed 30 military camps, unlike the UAE armor. "
" Regarding the extent of the losses among the pro-UAE militants, the source said in "legitimacy" that the information so far is still inconsistent with the actual number of total casualties as a result of the recent attack on Drehmi , pointing out that the trader is a large number compared to the loss of previous attacks. 196 59002] Al-Khobar (140 people killed, 40 of them with a wrong robbery and 270 wounded.) Details of the biggest attack in al-Durahmi. [19659004] We are in fact not responsible for its content.

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