2000 Quotation offered by the House of Good to eligible families

Dubai: Nadia Sultan

The Beit Al Khair Association completed the preparations for the execution of the sacrifice project in 1439, where the contract was signed to make 2000 sacrifices, which can be increased on the basis of the number of beneficiaries and the number of eligible families. The meeting distributed last year to 8,000 families and the number of sacrificial animals was 2054.
Abdeen al-Awadhi, director general of the Society, And his children, within the project "Eid" to enjoy the joy of the party.
He added that "Beit Al Khair" implements the sacrifice project, in collaboration with the Dubai Dump, which annually trains a selected team of the Assembly's staff, the best practices in the storage and distribution of meat, and is familiar with all rules of health and prevention during slaughter and distribution, through justice He also pointed out that the management of the Dubai Dumpyard praised the performance of the team of the association in previous years.Bait Al Khair has the best charities , organization, arrangement and follow-up promised. In accordance with approved health and environmental standards.
The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai has priced the sacrifice of 600 dirhams, and the Society has started offering vouchers to give one or more sacrifices to the privileged

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