28,000 & # 39; teachers, technicians and administrators & # 39; tomorrow to the public schools

Dubai – Mohammed Ibrahim:

The Ministry of Education has published new statistics on the number of educational, technical and administrative codes for the new academic year 2018-2019, which reached 28 thousand teachers, administratively and technically, and will go to school according to the approved academic calendar.
At the time of the ministry's decision, 26,000 of these executives, including "teachers, laboratory specialists, educational resources and school leaders", will be subjected to specialized training for one week, organized by the ministry in its training centers in different emirates.
According to the ministry, 1375 trainers throughout the country provide specialized training.It offers 209 training materials for all seminars and topics in collaboration with a number of partners, in which the development aspects of the topics are discussed and how they can be presented in different ways. students to improve their academic performance. materials.
She also pointed out that the subjects of specialized training were identified through the analysis of the curriculum, the study of curriculum standards and the professional standards of teachers in the country, as well as the design of questionnaires for these subjects to receive the opinion of the teacher and arrange them according to priority. The subjects that the teachers of different subjects actually need.
She said that the specialized training is dedicated to the continuous development of the expertise of her cadres in a way that is capable of developing the education system in the UAE within the UAE school according to the highest international standards. National frameworks are competent and qualified to compete in all areas of modern science based on innovation and corresponding national strategies.
The ministry pointed out that the specialized training is aimed at raising and developing the efficiency of the field frameworks of education and providing them with their needs, which contribute to an optimal start of the academic year, as well as on the preparation of special program & # 39; s for students and the distribution of quotas to teachers, In preparation for the new academic year and to prepare for the frameworks of the educational field to make progress in achieving the plans and ambitions of the Ministry, which paying attention to the empowerment of teachers and giving them all the necessary expertise to achieve the desired results of all educational plans and programs.

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