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Al Mansouri added that the development of the overall performance of the municipality, especially in the digital arena in the field of organizing and supporting the real estate market, is a reflection of the Law No. 3 of 2015 on the regulation of the real estate market. The municipality has activated this law by following the leading and modern procedures that will improve the service. The digital mortgage service is an honorable result of the digital transformation project, which offers many benefits for all parties working in the field of real estate.

Al Mansoori said: "Prior to the success of the City of Abu Dhabi City by not issuing the first mortgage certificate digitally as follows: The municipality reduced the service of the customer and the bank and all parties involved in the mortgage, provided them with the personal presence of the mortgage transaction,) The completion of the mortgage transaction whenever and wherever in the world and with ease and convenience.

The municipality has also strengthened the digital mortgage system with a system of security, transparency, confidentiality and security by using the best protection programs that can guarantee the confidentiality of information and privacy and ensure that it is not in the hands of others parties. (Pass) and registration in SmartHP The parties concerned can access the system and complete the transactions with the aid of personal identification and fingerprints, in order to provide the municipality with an umbrella of security and security for users of this global mortgage system.

Al Mansouri added that the municipality has so far succeeded in attracting six banks and financial institutions to join the digital mortgage system as partners and service providers: Mashreqbank, Abu Dhabi First Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Abu Dhabi Finance Company and Dubai Islamic Bank. Financial support to register on this platform and build bridges for cooperation and integration with the municipality to serve the community and to promote the development of trade and economy and to strengthen the status of Abu Dhabi as a global financial center, especially as regards involves activating and stimulating the real estate market and development.

The Abu Dhabi City Council has developed a digital mortgage registration system known as the e-mortgage system, the first UAE to use this system for registering mortgages, changing and selling mortgages. In many services, including but not limited to: home loans, commercial financing, foreclosure, foreclosure, mortgage applications, foreclosure, mortgage transfer and other integrated digital services.

About the benefits and results of offering digital mortgage services, Mansouri said that this service reduces the travel of dealers and service providers, does not require the contract parties to provide mortgage to any head office of the municipality and that people and entities can carry out mortgage operations via the smart platform From anywhere in the world and at any time. The system also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide by traffic from vehicles and vehicles transporting to different locations according to the old system. Foreclosure treatment of performance days to less than a day, in addition to achieving this system sustainability criteria and requirements.

He pointed out that the municipality has redesigned and organized its data with regard to all types of real estate and has produced a large database of structured and systematic detailed data, for which the customer does not have to produce documents or certificates, all necessary for the digital mortgage documents. that are available in the municipality's database, by providing partners of banks to complete the mortgage procedures with ease, convenience and speed.

As far as the requirements for the registration of banks in the mortgage system at the municipality of Abu Dhabi are concerned, Mansouri emphasized that the matter is very simple and easy and only required to bring the banking license and to present the documents of the authorized representative to the bank, which later the authority to sign and approve the joint transactions between the bank and the municipality. Abu Dhabi has connected all banks and financial institutions to the digital mortgage system and emphasizes that the bigger the card of these partnerships is when we have achieved greater performance together and we have provided superior services to our customers.

The upward trend in the digital transformation project

Ahmed Abdul Samad Al Hammadi, director of the municipality's technical planning department, said that the city of Abu Dhabi City has achieved great success in the digital transformation project. Four digital services were introduced in April of this year, including proof of ownership, as part of its plan to convert all its services into digital services by the end of 2018 in accordance with a strategy aimed at improving the performance of sectors and departments in terms of service to the community constantly improve.

The municipality has also developed a uniform service window, which includes 12 digital services that are compatible with the new services, which will form a system of integrated digital services that will have a significant impact on meeting the needs of the customers and reaching their ambitions.

In June of this year, the municipality also launched 11 new digital services in the emirates of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain Municipality and Al Dhafra Municipality) .The new services include: opening a company account, implementing an outlet, requesting parking, a service permit, a request for a transfer of services, a request for a ground plan, a temporary tent license within the limits of the coupon, an umbrella license for cars within the limits of the coupon; limits of the coupon – residence permit, residence permit.

In July the Department of Spatial Planning and Municipalities launched 13 new digital services and for the first time the Department of Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to serve customers and strategic partners to achieve the highest level of service.

The digital services include 10 special services for businesses and 3 services for individuals. Services for companies include: Farmers in the ground – New, temporary land transfer, delivery on the ground floor – Re-supply of land corners for research, estimated land survey, final investigation The boundaries of the construction of the land, direction of Qibla direction, revision of the concentration of the building and the wall, participation in the system of the stations of the stations, providing the coordinates of the reference point points.

Private services for private individuals are: hand over temporary land corners, approach the location of the country, direction Qibla direction.

The municipality noted that customers have access to all the aforementioned digital services by visiting the following link: https://smarthub.adm.gov.ae Please note that before you enter the services, you must register under the Smart Entry Gateway of the United Arab Emirates (SMART Pass) And every citizen who has an account on this site can benefit directly from digital services.

In August of this year 2018, the Department of Spatial Planning and Municipalities launched 11 new digital services, including 4 services related to the registration of digital leases, without intervention via its three municipalities (Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, Al Dhafra Municipality, Al Ain Municipality). of municipal employees Via the link: https://mservices.dma.abudhabi.ae

He explained that the digital service package to register contracts includes: activation of electronic documentation services, linking with a leased account (for persons in the first phase), request to put the use of services into practice, a balance on a leased account deposit, registration of rental units.

The department has also recently launched seven new digital services, including four spatial data services and three community services. Digital data services include: ground coordinates, spatial data service, paper maps and digital maps, digital services Community services include: beach reservation service, stadium reservation service and reservation service for digital car parks.

In August, the Department of Spatial Planning and Municipalities also improved its digital space by offering five new digital services via its smart platform, and since its launch in April, the digital transformation project has reached 44 digital services in various areas and services. In the field of documentation and registration of leases within the five different services offers the possibility for the lessor (individual or companies or heirs) to register the real estate management contract directly without the need to visit the offices of municipalities, and thus available ?? Digital service on the site of registration of lease contracts for the emirate Abu Dhabi can be abolished ??? An annual visit to the centers of municipalities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi by the dealers, reducing the percentage of ?? From the digital change in the landlord's journey.

He added that the new services launched by the department include two services relating to the granting of licenses for setting up car umbrellas for houses and villas in the context of residential vouchers, digital and without the need to attend the customer service center in the municipality where the customer can retrieve the license and pay the fees digitally and very quickly.

The third service includes the issuance of a license and a permit to reduce the level of sidewalks for houses and villas to allow the transit of vehicles and equipment owners and other uses, and to meet the needs of the population. meet, as well as customers can apply for a license to reduce pavement levels and complete procedures quickly and easily and pay the costs and their treatment is in every part of the world.

He pointed out that the last five package of services includes the service of tiling exits and exits to homes and villas through the use of digital equipment and obtaining approvals without the need to visit the headquarters of the municipality.

The department called for the importance of registering only once in the smart service platform (SmartHP) in order to obtain multiple digital services.

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