9150 sacrifice distributed by Charity Sharjah inside and outside the country

The Sharjah Charitable Society ended the distribution of sacrificial meat to the beneficiaries inside and outside the country. The number of sacrificed animals reached 9150, of which 8100 were divided into 55 countries in coordination with the offices of the association abroad and the state embassies. Beneficiary within the emirate Sharjah.

Abdullah Saif Bin Hendi, chairman of the Supreme Council of Eid Al Adha Campaign, said: "The Society has carried out the sacrifice project as one of the important seasonal projects that cover a large proportion of the poor and needy.The Committee of the Trustee during the first days of the Eid to monitor and control the slaughter of sacrifices in the hangar, to check the completion of slaughter operations in a safe way, And according to the rules of Islamic law.

Neighborhood Hindi pointed out that the Committee for the Distribution of Sacrificial Meat included all the regions and cities of the emirate of Sharjah, where 700 sacrifices were distributed at the head office, for the benefit of 1,400 families, and about 50 sacrifices to 100 families in Al -Dhaid and the same in Madame, spread over 100 sacrifices to benefit 200 families in Khorfakkan, while the distribution committee in Kalba received about 100 poor families to benefit from the aid.The board of the association in Dibba al-Hasn distributed 50 sacrifices 100 families registered at the branches of the branch The sacrifices of a number of donors were divided into distribution centers for the benefit of 600 persons.

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