93.6% support a campaign to observe the "stop" in school buses

The audience of the Abu Dhabi-based social networking community, Twitter-Facebook-Extram, supported 93.6% of the awareness campaign to meet the side-by-side "side" in school buses during the rise and fall of the students, safe transport for students was provided and they were protected against burglaries.

This result came about on the basis of a survey by the Department of Security Information in the leadership sector in response to a question about the importance of organizing an awareness campaign to meet the stop sign in school buses, based on the fact that the public should at least open at least when the side of the school bus is opened. Five meters to ensure that students can pass safely and safely.

The overall average of 93.6% for all platforms and languages ​​revealed the interaction of the public via the social networking sites with the goals of the Abu Dhabi police in the implementation of the traffic awareness campaign, security and community aimed at the segments of the school community of students and their families and school boards to improve the safety of students in the new academic year.

In response to public opinion, the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols in the Central Operations Sector launched the awareness campaign for returning to schools under the slogan "Khluna Naaber" in cooperation and coordination with partners.

Brigadier General Ahmed Al Shehhi, deputy director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, emphasized the importance of collaborating with various sectors and segments of society in spreading traffic awareness to ensure the safety of our students during their return to schools. Less than 5 meters to ensure safe and secure passage for students, noting that the federal traffic law, which began on 1 July 2017, in ministerial resolution No. (178) of 2017 on the rules and procedures of traffic control for non-stop while watching the commander For the "Stop" vehicle for the transport of school students (buses) with a fine of 1000 dirhams and the registration of 10 black traffic points, as well as the non-compliance by the commander of the school bus transport vehicle (bus) to the "stop" to open, and the instructions and traffic directions and a fee of 500 dirhams and the registration of six traffic points Black for the driver.

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